Doc Stull’s Sports Today and in the Day

“Normal Rockwell’s Sport and American Nostaglia and a Day at the Fair on  ESPN  Humboldt Sports Radio 1340 AM Eureka, CA  August 17-21, 2015 at 7:55 AM

Rockwell's Home from the County Fair

American artist Norman Rockwell paints nostalgia as we would like to have remembered it in pre-WWII sport art.

And, an original poem written by Doc on a beer-soaked napkin after the horse-races at Ferndale’s Hotel Ivanhoe back in 2011  to honor the Humboldt County Fair with original music by Tim Randles to honor the opening of the 2015 Humboldt County Fair.

 To stream Doc’s piece, Click Here

Radio Appearance

Doc appears on radio ESPN 1340 AM Northcoast Tonight Friday, August 22, 2014 at 6:40 PM live at the Hotel Ivanhoe in the Victorian Village of Ferndale with Tag Watherspoon.


Doc and Tag talk about the tradition of the fair,  the importance of nostalgia and preserving a piece of classic Americana – The Humboldt County Fair since 1896.   Doc reads his poem “Day at the Fair”  which was part of a Norman Rockwell and American Sport Art piece on ESPN Sports Radio 1340 AM Eureka (Click here) and written on a single-malt scotch soaked napkin at Ferndale’s classic  Hotel Ivanhoe  back in 2010.

Tune in and check it out or stream it at: