Speaking Appearance

Doc Stull Louis Poster

The Brown Bomber, the Blues Man and the Blast, Sir Francis Drake High Little Theater, San Anselmo, CA, 10:00 AM November 22.

Doc will present for the Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial Legacy Series  “The Brown Bomber,  The Blues and the Blast: Sports, Social Justice and Legacy of Joe Louis and Jackie Robinson in the Armed Forces in WWII” and the music that helped shape American attitudes about race during the WWII years.

More songs were written about Joe Louis than any other athlete in American history. The United States Army was segregated during WWII, but was ultimately desegregated in 1948 – The music was a part of it – bluesman Josh White made an impression on the Roosevelt Administration as well as on a young student at Harvard and later WWII war hero named John F Kennedy. You won’t get this kind of information anywhere else!