American Speech Dynamics

Accent Training & Pronunciation (General American) / Public Speaking

Do you want to speak with more emotion; more inflection, more rhythm?

It’s not what you say, but how you say it!  Rhythm and intonation are the keys to the American accent. Discover and apply some of the secrets and exercises to help you develop this essential aspect of American speech that gives you the edge over mere pronunciation training.

Script Writing & Editing

Need help writing/editing and then delivering a script and or speech in your work?

We’ll look at it line by line and work with you to make it more professional and compelling when you’re “on the spot” to deliver a presentation.

Voiceovers & Narration

Are you looking for a dynamic voice-over narration for television, radio, documentary film or recorded books?

Contact me for availability to discuss project needs in any of the above media.

Interviewing & Role-Playing

Are you preparing for an important job interview?

We’ll go over general and specific interview questions, help critique your answers and rehearse, and practice answering them so you can put your best self forward.

Personal Storytelling & Memoir Development

Do you have a personal story or history of overcoming great obstacles in finding success?

Most of my clients do! In fact, everyone does! I’ll work with you to develop, write apply and deliver these personal narratives that are unique to you that you can use in professional, political or family settings!




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