Dr. Richard Stull added to International Dialects of English Archive

Doc Stull’s rendition of “Comma Gets a Cure” was recently added to the General American International Dialects of English Archive.

The Archive was established by renown Speech Coach and Scholar Paul Meier in 1998 to provide dialect models for stage, film and international business and is the largest internet resource in the world of its kind.





Spoken Word Performance

Planet Humboldt – A Summit of Inspiration for Community and a Vital Earth, Saturday September 14 at Eureka’s Sequoia Center 10 am – 9:30 pm.

A roster of world experts and a group of local heroes will be featured at  Presenters at the Ideas Summit (10am-6pm) include international authorities on the naturalist-philosopher Alexander von Humboldt, experts on the solar power revolution, a national media correspondent, faith leaders, and environmental crusaders.

Five Humboldt County citizens-of-the-earth will be honored at the Fire of Life Awards Reception (7.30pm) for their lifetime of work for community and conservation in the spirit of Alexander von Humboldt’s legacy. Sponsored by Arcata’s Abundant Earth Foundation and local Rotary Clubs, the day-long event celebrates Von Humboldt’s 250th birthday.

Doc will be reading an original short story during the Awards Ceremony about his experience working on the “green chain” in the timber mills in the 1980s.  

A featured presenter at the Ideas Summit is Dr. Oliver Lubrich of Berlin. The foremost authority on Humboldt’s influence on literature (among many others, the German polymath inspired Thoreau and Muir), Lubrich and his co-editors are releasing a new German edition of the complete essays of Humboldt. The English edition will be published in a year or two.

Jim Mathys, an agricultural consultant from Chico, will be part of a panel titled “Community of Spirit.” He will share his experiences in how the land buoys the spirit. His family lost 5 homes in the Camp Fire in Paradise. As a manager of a community faith-based farm project in the Chico area serving at risk folks, he has seen the deep spiritual benefits that come to people from simply working the earth. Chico has helped to house 20,000 Camp Fire survivors.

The Fire of Life Awards Reception will honor five local icons of the Humboldt spirit. David Simpson and Jane Lapiner have been at the forefront of habitat preservation and activism since their days as original members of The San Francisco Mime Troupe. On the ground floor of everything from salmon restoration,  to sustainable forestry and climate change, David and Jane epitomize the spirit of “back-to-the-land.” Others include forest and watershed advocate Richard Geinger, researcher and ecologist Michael Furniss, and HSU professor and globe trotting Humboldt booster Dr. Lilianet Brintrup.

The Planet Humboldt event features a free Resiliency Fair for tools and strategies for sustainability, the Ideas Fest, also free, and the Fire of Life Awards Reception ($35), a benefit for local Fire Safe Councils and the Redwood Rotary Disaster Relief Fund. There will be entertainment and food all day. Visit planethumboldt.org for Event Guide, tickets to the Reception, and stunning videos of the people and places of Planet Humboldt. Contact Event Coordinator Andy Barnett at 223 1626. Volunteers welcome!

Planet Humboldt will honor David Simpson and Jane Lapiner at the Fire of Life Awards Reception. Tickets and info at planethumboldt.com



Radio Appearance: Northcoast Tonight 1340 AM, 92.7 Eureka, CA


Monday, February 11, 2019 at 4:00 PM   


Doc appears on radio ESPN 1340 AM/92.7 FM Northcoast Tonight with JB Mathers and Tag Wotherspoon to discuss events in sport and a retrospective on Branch Rickey, the front office visionary who was instrumental in Jackie Robinson’s breaking the color barrier in the modern baseball era in 1947.   Doc’s father, aunt, and grandmother were all graduates of Ohio Wesleyen University where Rickey both played and coached at the turn of the 20th century.  Robinson would have been 100 last month on January 28.

 Tune in and listen to the show or stream it at:


Radio Appearance: KHSU Magazine, KHSU 90.5 FM Arcata, CA

 Sport in the Americas and the Caribbean and their connection to popular culture and politics: Contrasts and Paradoxes in Colombia

Friday, February 6, 2019 at 1:00  PM   


Television and popular music aficionados in the United States are probably well aware of the popular Colombian television actress Sophia Vergara and the international music sensation Shakira, also from Colombia.  And though the highly popular Netflix series Narcos showed viewers the dark side of the international drug trade in Colombia from the late ’70s to the early ’90s, cities like Medellin and Cali now  enjoy positive images today due to their climates, highly improved infrastructure, sporting opportunities and rich cultural histories that attract many United States retirees.    

Join Danielle and Doc as they discuss some of the fascinating facts about Colombia and its complicated and passionate embrace sport of soccer as a barometer of the country’s economic, political and patriotic history.




Television Appearance on Access Humboldt: The Short Story Show!

Doc will be presenting an excerpt from his recent Spoken-Word-Latin-Jazz show.  The Cuban Diaries.

Join Doc Stull, Neil Tarpey, Margot Genger, David Holper, Jeff DeMark and Matt Knight as he hosts some of Humboldt County’s most prolific and entertaining writers with a live studio audience as they present short stories and poetry.







Radio Appearance: Humboldt Magazine, KHSU 90.5 FM Arcata, CA

 Sport in the Americas and the Caribbean and their connection to popular culture and politics: The “Marley” factor – Jamaica’s Women’s Soccer Team

Friday, January 11,  2019, at 1:00  PM   

Join Danielle and Doc today for an upbeat human interest story that includes sport, music,  culture, a little politics, and the Jamaican Women’s team – a team that even casual “on-the-fence” soccer fans will want to root for in  June.

Jamaica’s Women’s Soccer Team qualified for this year’s 2019 World Cup in France and is the first women’s soccer team from the Caribbean to do so.  Although a long-shot, the team is a great success story.  The ‘Reggae Girlz’ as they are referred to in Jamaica, were revived and inspired to international success in part through the patronage and support of Cedella Marley, the daughter of the late superstar reggae icon, Bob Marley.

Fans of Bob Marley will no doubt be familiar with his love of sport in general and soccer in particular.  This passion has extended on through his daughter and Jamaica’s ebullient and talented women’s team.

Jamaica’s Bond-Flasza celebrates after scoring the winning goal against Panama last year which qualified the ‘Reggae Girlz’ for the 2019 Women’s World Cup.