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 Sport in the Americas and Caribbean and their connection to popular culture and politics:  

Friday, June 1,  2018 at 1:00  PM   


Karla Wheelock:  Mexico’s greatest athlete?

While not as well-known as boxing champion Julio Cesar Chavez, footballer Hugo Sanchez,  baseball pitcher Fernando Valenzuela, or golfer Lorena Ochoa,  Karla Wheelock is one of Mexico’s national sporting treasures.   A lawyer, leadership expert, a public speaker and writer, Wheelock is the first woman from Latin America to ascend the north slope of Mount Everest and the first Latin American woman to climb the highest mountain peaks in all seven continents.   Karla Wheelock combines precision athleticism, exquisite and detailed planning, human grit and courage in risking what few women or men have ever done.   Why climb mountains?   Because you can only ascend to how high you aspire.  Wheelock transcends national and gender barriers as an inspiration for everyone to set one’s goals high.   Listen to Danielle and Doc today on the Humboldt Magazine.