Radio Appearance ESPN Humboldt Sports Radio Eureka CA

Doc appears on radio ESPN 1340 AM/92.7 FM Northcoast Tonight with Tag Wotherspoon and JB Mathers, Thursday, November 3, 2016 at 4:00 PM.



In the United States NFL  football (American style) is still king but television ratings are slipping, pro and NCAA basketball begins once again anew – yet in in Latin America, soccer is the reigning passion of the people.

The land-locked country of Bolivia once again struggles to qualify for a World Cup spot in Russia for 2018 – catch up with Doc Stull as he gives his final report on his Bolivian adventures in the high-altitude wine country country in southern Bolivia near the Argentinian border in the soulful town of Tarija, his “game-changing” tour in the surreal oxygen-deprived bowels of the Cerro Rico silver mine at 12,300 feet in Potosi where two centuries ago it was written that the Spanish Empire mined enough silver to build a bridge from the heart of South America to Madrid, and many more adventures with Humboldt County’s own Anthony Bourdain before Doc’s return next week back to the Redwood Curtain.


Tune in and check it out or stream it at:en

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