Radio Appearance: Humboldt Homepage, KHSU 90.5 FM Arcata, CA

 Friday, September 2,  2016 at 1:00  PM  –  KHSU Homepage Segment: Panama Al Brown


Join Doc and host Danielle Orr for for their monthly feature on great athletes and sport from the Americas and Caribbean and their connection to popular culture and politics.




This week we’ll kick off Hispanic Heritage Month with Panama Al Brown who is one of the most fascinating and yet seldom heard about  figures in sports.  A sporting and media sensation in the the early 20th century, Brown was boxing’s first Hispanic champion – but his unusual and often sensational connections to the popular culture of his day transcended boxing and sport. Panama Al Brown’s  story is fascinating commentary on many of the cultural complexities and contradictions  in today’s society including race, sexuality, the media and much more.

click to stream the interview 

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