Radio Appearance: Humboldt Homepage, KHSU 90.5 FM Arcata, CA

 Friday, January 22,  2016 at 1:00  PM  –  KHSU Homepage Segment: Jim Plunkett


Join Doc and host Danielle Orr for for their monthly feature on great athletes and sport from the Americas and Caribbean and their connection to popular culture and politics.



One of the great pro-style passers in the Pacific-8 conference , quarterback Jim Plunkett  capped his career at Stanford University by leading his team to an upset Rose Bowl victory  over Ohio State in 1970.  He was the first Latino to win the Heisman Trophy Award and the first Latino to be drafted # 1 in the NFL.  And, despite an injury-riddled career beginning with the New England Patriots as well as a  stint with the San Francisco 49’ers,  Plunkett came off the bench during the regular seasons in 1980 and 1983  to lead the Oakland Raiders to two improbable Superbowl victories and became the first Latino to win the Most Valuable Player in Superbowl  XV.  Of  primarily Mexican, but also Native American and Irish/German descent, Plunkett’s quiet but confident”lead-by example” style and strong values were in contrast to many of the more brash and outspoken athletes of his era.

click to hear the interview (starts around 7:18 minute mark)

One comment on “Radio Appearance: Humboldt Homepage, KHSU 90.5 FM Arcata, CA

  1. Margaret Chairez says:

    Saw that photo and you took me back to my husband’s and my first date at the game between Stanford and San Jose State in 1969. Plunkett was the big name. Even I who wasn’t really a football fan had heard of him. Of course, Stanford won that game and I ended up marrying the guy from that first date! We celebrated our 40th anniversary by attending the Stanford/San Jose State University three years ago. Stanford won again!

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