Radio Appearance – Spoken Word Poetry/Jazz – Make it Right!

Doc Stull and Andy Barnet debut their new show Make it Right! on KMUD’s radio 88.1 FM, Eureka, 91.1 FM Garberville, Friday Oct. 31  at 5:00 PM, 2014.


Taking inspiration from music, sports, past and current events, and the essence of jazz, Doc Stull and Andy Barnett craft a spoken word and music segment for broadcast on  KMUD called Make It Right. Performed originally for a live audience at the Redwood Playhouse in Garberville, the compositions speak of the  possible, the impossible, and the just plain fun. The mini on-air poetry slam has a beat, a soul, and a purpose. Doc and Andy just want to “Make It Right. ”

Tune in and check it out or stream it at: