Radio Appearance

Humboldt Homepage – Friday, Oct 3,  2014 at 1:00  PM on KHSU 90.5 FM, Arcata, CA


Join Doc and host Danielle Orr for for their monthly feature on Latin and Central American athletes, popular culture and politics.  This new feature is an outgrowth of Doc’s 12-part series on Latino athletes for the El Sol Bilingue Newspaper in Ukiah, CA.

This month, a personal reminiscence about Hall of Fame baseball player Roberto Clemente.    As a young 12 year-old a half a century ago, Doc saw Clemente play in a double-header in San Francisco’s Candlestick Park against the San Francisco Giants and witnessed an unforgettable moment.


Clemente was the first Latino elected to Baseball’s Hall of Fame and only the 11th player in baseball history to amass 3000 hits in his career, His  tragic death at the age of only 38 in 1972 stunned the Americas. Clemente’s passion on the diamond and his humanitarian ethic set him apart as a man who personified, in the words of Puerto Rican poet Enrique Zorilla,  the “fire of dignity.”

Tune in and listen to the show or stream it at:

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