Radio Appearance

Doc appears on live on radio ESPN 1340 AM Northcoast Tonight with Tag Wotherspoon and JB Mathers,  Monday, August 18, 2014 at 5:00 PM at 6 Rivers Brewery in McKinleyville


Doc talks about the physiology of race-walking, the meaning of nostalgia – and the  Humboldt County’s tradition of the fair in Ferndale, Also – commentary  one of the great conspiracy theories in sport come true; Joshua Prager’s Echoing Green, about Bobby Thompson’s 1951 play-off home-run “shot heard round the world” against the Brooklyn Dodgers and long-standing rumors that the New York Giants had been stealing signs on every  pitch in the latter part of the season including during that historic playoff.   And how one of baseball’s greatest writers asked Prager not to print the story – so powerfully do people identify with that moment and want to understandably hang on to  feelings of nostalgia fearing the  loss of innocence in telling the “real story” behind great sport memories.  Also a discussion  about the state of Division I college athletics and the NCAA and the “professionalization” of D1 college athletics.

Tune in and check it out or stream it at:

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