Radio Appearance

Doc appears on KMUD’s Monday Morning Magazine with host Dennis Huber, 88.1 FM, Eureka, 91.1 FM Garberville, Monday, 7:00- 9:00 AM August 18, 2014.


Doc will read his short story “Here’s to Pete,” about his old, eccentric and enigmatic professor and will talk about his dad’s unpublished 850 page book entitled The Comic Tradition in the United States:  The History of Comedy as well as the psychology and philosophy of humor – and the death of comedic genius, Robin Williams.

Tune in and check it out or stream it at:

One comment on “Radio Appearance

  1. Rosenzweig, Phil says:

    Dick …

    Your dad wrote an 850 page unpublished ms about comedy ??

    I remember he did *not* like Abbott and Costello. But I don’t remember his favorites. Maybe WC Fields?

    Also I remember his “I can make you laugh …” technique.


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