Radio Appearance

Doc appears on KMUD’s Monday Morning Magazine with host Dennis Huber, 88.1 FM, Eureka, 91.1 FM Garberville, Monday, 8:30 AM July 14, 2014


Doc and Dennis  will talk discuss a potpourri of topics – The World Cup and magical realism literature and soccer, a short story about hypnotism, Cuban baseball the the great urban myth of Fidel Castro and Cuban baseball.

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Jack London State Historic Park Event

Doc leads a Moonlight Walk at Jack London State Park, Glen Ellen, CA

Friday,  July 11, 2014 at 6:15 PM

wolf house

Doc leads a Moonlight Tour of the Wolf House Ruins

Jack London was the most popular American author of his day – adventurer, romantic, realist, revolutionary, sportsman, socialist, dreamer…combative, contrary, contradictory, charismatic, and courageous – Jack London’s legacy lives here amidst the mystical magic of Valley of the Moon and the silent stones of the burned out Wolf House that was to stand for a thousand years.

Walk down the old ranch road under a full moon to the house that Jack built and learn of the extraordinary life that Jack London and his “mate-woman”, Charmian lived. Relive the magical tale of the Wolf House fire. Savor the moonlit atmosphere sipping wine produced from the grapes harvested on Jack’s estate and enjoy spending a transformative evening of storytelling, music, and the stuff of dreams.

Doc’s Sports Today and in the Day

“Cuban Baseball History” on ESPN Sports Radio 1340 AM, 7:55 AM, July 14, 2014

Dolf Luque

(in photo above)

Dolf Luque’ – The first  Cuban-born major league ball-player to have a notable career.  Luque”  won 191 games in 20 seasons in the majors and pitched for the Cincinnati Reds in the famous Black Sox World Series of 1919.

The historical and political relationship between the United States and Cuba has been complicated and contentious, but baseball has always been a common passion going back 150 years when  Havana-born Esteban Enrique Bellan played catcher for St. John’s College in the late 1860’s.   And then, there’s the genre of “Alternate History,” too.  Listen in for for one of  baseball’s famous urban myths.


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Doc’s Sports Today and in the Day

“Jack London Got Game” on ESPN Sports Radio 1340 AM, 7:55 AM, July 7, 2014


Jack London (right) fencing

American turn-of-the-20th century author Jack London was one of the founders of serious American sport fiction. Stemming from his own love of sport and his background as a sports reporter, London’s short stories and novellas revealed early thematic treatment of youth vs. age rivalries, gender issues and sport narratives that went beyond the box scores and revealed the human dimension of sport and competition.

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