Special Presentation

Doc Stull Presents:  It’s How You Play the Game:  Jack London’s Timeless Themes in Sport


Doc Stull’s highly entertaining presentation/show about Jack London.  Besides writing fifty books and hundreds of short stories in areas as diverse as adventure, science fiction and politics, London was an avid sportsman and was one of the fathers of American sport fiction.  Jack wrote about sailing, boxing, surfing, tramping, natural living, and the larger themes of age vs. youth, competition, corruption and the “love of the game.”  And, he was a boxing writer who covered the “Fight of the Century” – Jack Johnson’s defeat of Jim Jeffries as the first African-American heavyweight champion in 1910.

Jack London’s A Royal Sport (1907) magazine article  was responsible for a Southern California surfing craze more than 100 years ago.  His book  of tramping experiences The Road (1908)  inspired Jack Kerouac’s classic On the Road a half a century later.

Doc  gives a history lesson highlighted with dramatic readings and poetry – Doc plays the uke and sings songs of the era, too!  Doc’s program, first given at Jack London Historic Park in June of 2013 is available for events, fund-raisers (both public and private) and can be tailored anywhere between half and hour to two hours – and always entertaining!

Doc is a special events presenter and docent/tour leader at Jack London State Historic Park in Glen Ellen, California.   See the Jack London link on this website for Doc’s biographical connection to Jack London.

You can also listen to one of Doc’s Sports Today and in the Day ESPN Sports Radio 1340 AM Eureka radio shows about Jack London and sport at:


contact Doc at richard.stull@humboldt.edu or P O Box 716, Arcata, CA  95518 for more information

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