Audio Book Narration


Doc narrates a poignant story for the LibraVox Project (The Cabuliwallah) about a father’s love for his daughter from the Nobel Prize winning Bengali author Rabindranath Tagore’s short story collection, The Hungry Stones.  To listen, click on the link below:

3 comments on “Audio Book Narration

  1. Rosenzweig, Phil says:

    Very nice story, Dick — and movingly read.

    Do you read much Tagore? I have a Bengali friend and the tradition of literature and story telling in Bengali is quite extraordinary. I am off to India on Wednesday, for a week — to plan the trip of my students in Jan/Feb. Not Bengal, however, but Mumbai and Pune.

    All best,



    • docstull says:

      thanks, Phil…It was poignant serendipity…I volunteered to do an international collaboration never knowing about Tagore or the subject of the story. Then I read it…uncanny,

      Turns out my mom had a volume of Tagore’s stories and poetry in her collection.


      appreciate your listening,


  2. Colin McClung says:

    A voice made for radio. Golden. The Steve Winwood of Libravox.

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