Six Word Legacy on HBO Sports

 Six word legacy on HBO’s Sport in America:  Our Defining Stories


Doc on HBO's Sport in America

Doc on HBO’s Sport in America

“We wish we were forever young” – part of a closing montage of 25 fans in the final minute of HBO/Sports Illustrated documentary Sport in America:  Our Defining Stories, speaking about the meaning of the great sporting events that we’d witnessed.   

My telling the tale my experience attending the Muhammad Ali – Ken Norton fight in San Diego, March 30, 1973 after almost an hour of taping at End Game Productions/HBO over a year ago didn’t make the final cut, but I was still nonetheless honored to be a small part of  the first documentary of its kind on Sport in America. The thought came spontaneously to mind from the classic 1974 Bob Dylan song and the beauty and poignance of great sport memories.

Here’s a link to the story which I published  in the Eureka Times Standard Sept. 20, 2013 in memory of Ken Norton.

Here’s the cover of Ring Magazine that I bought in Mac’s Smoke Shop in Palo Alto in 1964 with my dad when I became an Ali fan for life:

Ali I Am King - Ring Magazine 1964

This picture was taken before the Ali Norton Fight II in my apartment in Burbank, CA, where Ali won a narrow split decision at the Fabulous Forum in Inglewood, CA in September of 1973 after I’d witnessed Norton breaking Ali’s jaw earlier that March in the San Diego Sports Arena -the basis for my story about the amazing resilience of Ali.

Doc 1974, Age 18

Doc Stull, November 29, 2013

Doc’s Teaching Philosophy

Finding Interdisciplinary Connections
A Case for Bringing Back the Generalist Approach in University Teaching


Richard Arlin (Doc) Stull


…We need to humanize the classroom more. We need to stand back from a narrow disciplinary foci and show more cross disciplinary relationships. And, we need to be more entertaining, more fun, to marry fact to passion in our teaching…

To read Doc’s original article, click on the link below to download:and go to page 8 for:

Innovations:  Finding Interdisciplinary Connections, Stull

Television Appearance on HBO Sports

Doc to appear on HBO’s Sport in America:  Our Defining Stories, Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 28, 2013, 6:00 PM Pacific Time

NEW YORK, Oct. 7, 2013 – HBO, Sports Illustrated and Endgame Entertainment, in association with Playground, present SPORT IN AMERICA: OUR DEFINING STORIES, an all-new documentary that examines how the universal thread of sport unites us as a people and has shaped America’s character. The special debuts on Thanksgiving Day, THURSDAY, NOV. 28 (6:00-7:35 p.m. ET/PT), when families from coast to coast gather to enjoy the holiday and share sports.


Audio Book Narration


Doc narrates a poignant story for the LibraVox Project (The Cabuliwallah) about a father’s love for his daughter from the Nobel Prize winning Bengali author Rabindranath Tagore’s short story collection, The Hungry Stones.  To listen, click on the link below:

Spoken Word Performance

Heart of Darkness Revisited: Down the Mad River

 Doc Stull’s JAZZ NOIR performance with Tim Randles and the Jazz Noir Trio  at Six Rivers Brewery in McKinleyville, CA….allusions to Conrad and Coppola, 2007

Doc and the Jazz Noir Trio (Geoff Daugherty, Doc Stull, Tim Randles, Mike LaBolle)

Doc and the Jazz Noir Trio (Geoff Daugherty, Doc Stull, Tim Randles, Mike LaBolle)

Speaking Appearance

Doc Stull Louis Poster

The Brown Bomber, the Blues Man and the Blast, Sir Francis Drake High Little Theater, San Anselmo, CA, 10:00 AM November 22.

Doc will present for the Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial Legacy Series  “The Brown Bomber,  The Blues and the Blast: Sports, Social Justice and Legacy of Joe Louis and Jackie Robinson in the Armed Forces in WWII” and the music that helped shape American attitudes about race during the WWII years.

More songs were written about Joe Louis than any other athlete in American history. The United States Army was segregated during WWII, but was ultimately desegregated in 1948 – The music was a part of it – bluesman Josh White made an impression on the Roosevelt Administration as well as on a young student at Harvard and later WWII war hero named John F Kennedy. You won’t get this kind of information anywhere else!

Doc’s Sports Today and in the Day: The Greatest Sports-Writing

 ESPN Sports Radio 1340 AM, 7:55 AM, Nov. 25-29, 2013

Homer’s 23rd chapter in the 2800-year-old  poem The Iliad has no rival. As the western world’s oldest sports-writing, it set the standard for the timeless themes of competition, age vs. youth, victory and defeat and wisdom.

To stream Doc’s piece, go the PRX link below: